Ductable air conditioners Ideally suited for offices, Conference rooms, Apartments, Hotels, Restaurants, Shops, Basements, High Security Areas, Bank Vaults or wherever a conventional air conditioner cannot be fitted or cool efficiently and economically.

A split air conditioning unit is 1 that has the 2 main components separate from each other, with 1 being used inside the building, and the other being used outside. A central air conditioning unit is nearly always a split air conditioning unit.

Ceiling cassette air conditioning systems are an ideal option to air condition rooms where there is no available walls to mount a split system or where there is limited ceiling space for a ducted systems.

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What is VRV?

VRV stands for Variable Refrigerant Volume, also known in the wider industry as variable refrigerant flow (VRF). At the heart is Daikin’s renowned heat pump and inverter technology. A VRV/VRF system is still the only commercial system that continuously adjusts the refrigerant volume within the system to match exactly the heating or cooling requirement in each area, for optimum comfort and maximum energy efficiency.

VRV air conditioning systems are basically large multi-split systems where a number of indoor units are connected to the outdoor unit. These VRV air conditioning systems are generally used for larger applications where the alternative might be a central chilled water system or central ducted system. Against these other types of system VRV air conditioning would generally be comparable in capital cost but would quicker to install and more energy efficient to run.

The main advantages of using VRV air conditioning Systems are as follows:-

  • As with split systems a wide variety of indoor unit types including fl oor mounted, high wall, under ceiling, ceiling recessed (cassette) and concealed ducted type are available.

  • Indoor units and outdoor unit can be up to 100m apart.

  • Inverter driven compressors and sophisticated controls give increased energy efficiency.

  • Large open plan areas and small rooms can all be served from a single system with individual control in each room.

  • Systems can be cooling only, heating + cooling or heat recovery. Heat recovery systems can transfer heat from one part of a building to another (such as from South to North sides) and so dramatically reduce energy consumption, particularly during Spring and Autumn.

  • Using a modular arrangement in excess of 1000 indoor units can be installed.

  • Units can be controlled either individually, in groups, centrally or in any combination required.