A split air conditioning unit is 1 that has the 2 main components separate from each other, with 1 being used inside the building, and the other being used outside. A central air conditioning unit is nearly always a split air conditioning unit.

Ceiling cassette air conditioning systems are an ideal option to air condition rooms where there is no available walls to mount a split system or where there is limited ceiling space for a ducted systems.

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Ductable air conditioners Ideally suited for offices, Conference rooms, Apartments, Hotels, Restaurants, Shops, Basements, High Security Areas, Bank Vaults or wherever a conventional air conditioner cannot be fitted or cool efficiently and economically. mitsubishi electric vrv system , daikin vrf air conditioner system for commercial air conditioner 


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VRV air conditioner is highest tonaage commercial Air Conditioner .fixing, testing and commissioning of double skin top/side discharge floor mounted type airhandling units complete with fan, fan motor with variable frequency drive (VFD), cooling coil, Zeco AHU unit 

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What is meaning of an HVAC sytem India

A Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning system, also known as HVAC system, removes contaminants in the air and conditions indoor air either cooling it or heating it to provide comfort. Climate Control does this work very well because of its experience and quality worker. We are expert in AHU, Chiller Plant, Package AC, As you know, Air contains many pollutants. If you let it in to your home without purifying it, you or your family might end up getting sick. Having four different seasons also mean, that temperature can go from extreme cold to extreme hot. Having an air conditioning and heating system ensures that you can keep a comfortable temperature in your home no matter what the outside temperature is.


HVAC systems come in different sizes and designs. However, there are four basic features common to all HVAC system – air distribution system, air exhaust system, air handling unit and outside air intake. Some units contain a return system that helps return air conditioned air back to the air handling unit. The air-handling unit draws air from the outside. It filters the air to remove allergens, mold and dust. It then heats orOnce the air conditioned air comes back, it is re-filtered, reconditioned and recirculated inside the room or building. This is done through ducts connected to the return system. The ducts connect to each room where air is drawn back to the air handling unit. Aside from ducted returns, plenary returns can also be used to draw air from rooms and into the negative pressure ceiling plenum. Air, however, is returned through ducts and structural conduits. Not all the air however is circulated back to the room or building. Some leave through the air exhaust system.